Microphones,Sound Cards,Headsets,In Ear Monitor Systems,

Microphones,Sound Cards,Headsets,In Ear Monitor Systems


The Secret Behind John's Sound Engineering Success: A Simple Modification That Changed the Game

Microphones,Sound Cards,Headsets,In Ear Monitor Systems

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John, a dedicated sound engineer from Europe, had been a loyal customer of our GL-2031 Single ch true diversity UHF wireless microphones since 2017. Despite the quality of our products, John found himself struggling to boost his sales and make a real impact in the industry.
One day, a client approached John with a request for the BES audio BW350R, a renowned product known for its distinctive sound style. BES audio, a leading wireless audio manufacturer in China, has authorized dealers across the globe and has even supplied top audio companies in Germany. However, John faced a challenge - his country already had an authorized BES audio dealer, and he couldn't sell their products even if he was willing to pay twice the price.
Undeterred, John, being the research-oriented sound engineer he is, experimented with several high-end dynamic microphone cores he had recently imported from our company. Through extensive testing, he discovered an ingenious solution. By replacing the GL-2031 with the 613 dynamic microphone core, John managed to achieve sound quality strikingly similar to the BES audio BW350R. However, there was a minor issue - when performers moved their mouths too close to the microphone, a cracking sound would occur. To resolve this, John ingeniously placed a piece of mesh fabric inside the microphone head, effectively eliminating the problem.
In July 2021, John confidently placed an order for 250 sets of GL-2031 microphones, now featuring the 613 dynamic microphone core. We collaborated with the 613 microphone core supplier to lower the sensitivity and used higher quality inner cotton for the microphone head. The result? All 250 sets of GL-2031 microphones sold out, leading John to place another order for 300 sets in November 2022. This simple modification transformed John's business, leading to exponential growth and success. Do you have any innovative ideas to share? Get in touch with us and let's explore the possibilities together!
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