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DGNOG PSM400 UHF 2 Channel Wireless In-Ear Monitor System Professional Mono Monitoring for Stage Performance Singer Studio

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PSM400wireless in ear systemwireless in ear system



【👂PSM-400 IEM System】DGNOG PSM-400 referecmce shure PSM-300 as the design standard, each channel mono, with 32 switchable frequency points per channel to achieve operation without environmental interference.


【👂Transmission Distance】- The transmitter power is 100MW, and the transmission distance is over 120 meters. Suitable for band combinations, small and medium-sized stage performances.


【👂Two Channels】- UHF dual-channel wireless audio transmission, providing high-fidelity listening effect, The receiver uses 2 AA battery to power, can work for 8-9 hours


【👂Audio Sampling】- DSP digital audio compression and expansion, using 48KHz audio sampling rate, to reduce the noise in the wireless transmission system to the best.


【👂Excellent material】- The transmitter is an all-metal body with a very cost-effective ABS material panel, In order to wear relaxed,the receiver uses all ABS Material.

wireless in ear system


  • System technical indicator

  • RF carrier frequency range: 470MHz ~ 960MHz

  • Frequency stability: 0.005%

  • Effective working distance (open environment): ≥120 meters

  • Audio pressure expansion: DSP digital audio pressure expansion

  • Audio sampling rate: 48kHz

  • Audio frequency response: 50Hz ~ 1800Hz ± 3dB

  • Dynamic range: 92 dB

  • Signal ratio: 105 db

  • Total harmonic distortion: ≤0.8%,@1kHz

  • Work temperature range: -10 ℃ ~ +50 ℃


  • Receiver technical indicator

  • Receive bandwidth: 470MHz ~ 960MHz

  • Receiving method: dual channel, ultra -outfit

  • Mirror suppression: 45dbm

  • Radio frequency sensitivity: When entering 10dbu, S/N ≥ 45DB

  • Reatness adjustment: built -in setting parameters

  • Frequency synchronization method: manual button settings or infrared frequency;

  • Display method: double -digit digital light plus LED combination display;

  • Headphone output power: 80mW@16Ω

  • Export level adjustment range: level 5 adjustment, attenuation adjustment,+1 =+3dB

  • Power supply method: AA 1.5V X 2; at the same time, it can support external power supply supply

  • Normal working current: 3V 110mA

  • Battery use time: ≥10 hours


  • Lairers technical indicator

  • Carrier bandwidth: 470MHz ~ 960MH

  • Oscillation method: PLL frequency synthesis

  • Launch power: 20dbm/100MW

  • Carrier error: 0.005%

  • Harmony radiation: -32dbm

  • Modification method: FSK

  • Name/maximum frequency bias: ± 65kHz

  • Audio input interface: Balance Croinding, ф6.35mm, ф3.5mm TRS, Lotus seat

  • Input impedance: 2.2kΩ

  • RF output interface: BNC antenna seat

  • Input gain adjustment range: 00 ~ 15DB adjustable settings,+1 =+3dB

  • Frequency settings: infrared convection synchronization

  • Power port: DC-12-17V/1A

  • Normal working current: about 330mA

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