Universal Digital Wireless Karaoke Speaker Microphone

U-D118 Universal wireless microphone

U-D118 Portable Universal Digital Wireless Karaoke Speaker Microphone

¥170 ¥119

Product Features: UHF Adjustable Universal Wireless Microphone USB power supply design, built-in lithium battery for receiver, plug and play Automatic sweep function, infrared frequency, one key can lock up the precise work channel, work data at a glance New digital pilot technology, pure and elegant sound quality Microphone display can show audio level, battery voltage New line architecture, intelligent dual-core chip, preset frequency: 8 (automatic matching) Ideal use distance 50 meters High-fidelity microphone core, sound full and delicate, clear and no noise   Scope of application: Suitable for small promotional sites such as family karaoke, shopping mall promotions, outdoor lectures, etc.

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