SM-959 wired microphone

SM-959 wired microphone

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First, performance introduction.   
1. Designed for KTV, singing series   
2. Heart-shaped directional dynamic microphones professionally performing for KTV.   
3. The pickup can output high signal and reduce sound distortion.   
4 special mute switch   
5. The net head adopts anti-drop strengthening treatment, anti-fall, especially suitable for KTV and other entertainment places, reducing abnormal consumption and saving money for the boss.   
6. Full-band high-precision cardioid directivity.
Second, technical parameters
Article number: SM-959
Microphone type: moving
coil Pointing: Heart-shaped pointing
Frequency response: 50Hz-15KHz
Output impedance: 600Ω ±30% (at1KHz)
Sensitivity: -52dB±3dB (odB=1V/pa at 1KHz)
Size (mm): 203×55.5
Weight (g): 270
Third, the scope of application: suitable for close-range vocal and general radio applications, the most suitable for high-end KTV, recording. Singing use

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