K8003 4 antenna true diversity wireless microphone

K8003 4 antenna true diversity wireless microphone

¥1400 ¥980

True diversity receiver, super four-antenna receiver, stylish and stylish LED display, power field strength and audio indication, equipped with luminous buttons, easy to use even in dark environments

Technical parameters:
Frequency Range :740-790MHz (default)      615-655Mhz (need 1 week for customizing)
Oscillation mode: PLL frequency synthesizer (PLL)
Frequency stability: ± 10ppm
Receiving Mode: superheterodyne double conversion
Receiver sensitivity:-90dBm
Audio Frequency Response :40-18000Hz
Harmonic Distortion: ≤ 0.5%
Signal to Noise Ratio: ≥ 100dB
Audio output: independent and mixed unbalanced output
:10-30mW transmit power
Modulation: Frequency Modulation (FM)
Battery Specifications: two on the 5th battery
Power Specifications :100-240V 50-60Hz (switch power adapter)
Package includes:
(1) 2x Handheld Microphone ,
(2) 1x Wireless Microphone Receiver
(3) 2x Antenna
(4) 1x 1/4" plug Audio Cable
(5) AC-DC adapter ( 110V or 240V universal )
(6) Rack fixed Angle iron 

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