EW545G2 wireless microphone

EW545G2 Double Channel wireless microphone

¥1500 ¥1050

Also can with Headset microphone or clip microphone instead of handheld microphone. Price is same.
Transducer principle of capacitance
Sensitivity 1.6mV/Pa
Super Cardioid pickup mode
Maximum sound pressure 150 dB SPL,

Model SK500 G2,
Characteristics of the RF
The RF output power (50W) standard 30mW
AF audio features
Maximum input voltage (peak deviation)
Microphone 1.8Vrms, unbalanced
Lines 2.4 Vrms of
Input impedance
Microphone 10kΩ, unbalanced
Line 1MΩ
The overall design
Power supply two AA batteries, 1.5V
Nominal voltage of 2.4V
Operation time> 8 hours
Dimensions (mm) 82 * 64 * 24
Weight (with battery) 158 g

Model EM500 G2,
Characteristics of the RF
Receive the principles of true diversity
Sensitivity (The HDX, peak deviation) <2.5μV the, 52dBArms signal to noise ratio
Adjacent channel interference  65dB
Intermodulation debilitating  65dB
Shielded ≥ 70dB
Guided audio mute function can be shut down
Antenna input BNC socket
AF audio features
AF output voltage (peak deviation 1kHz) 1/4 "(6.3mm) jack (unbalanced): 12dB
XLR (balanced): 18dB
The overall design
Power supply nominal voltage of 12V DC
Size (mm) 212 * 145 * 38
Weighs about 1,100 grams
Package size: 54*41*11cm
Net Weight: 5.1kg

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