EW 300 IEM G3 Wireless In-ear Monitoring System

EW300G3 Wireless Ear-Monitor System

Pro Wireless In-ear Monitoring with Computer Control!

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When you perform with the Sennheiser EW 300 IEM G3, you'll hear better. End result? You'll perform better. This professional wireless in-ear monitoring system provides everything you need for untethered onstage monitoring. The EW300 IEM G3 comes with the SR 300 G3 stereo transmitter, the EK 300 G3 stereo diversity bodypack receiver, and a pair of comfortable IE 4 earphones. In fact, the cord on the earphones even acts as a backup antenna, so you know you'll get clear, uninterrupted transmission. Ready to go wireless? Load up with the EW300IEMG3 from elegant audio.

Technical Specifications: Transmitter: Ear-monitor transmitter Main body regulation: 0.5 U Group amount: 1 groups Receiver's material: metal main body and panel Oscillation mode: PLL synthesized Frequency stability: ±0.005% Frequency range: UHF614~830MHz Frequency altemation: 32MHz Operate mode: manual adjusting Receiving way: single tuning Sensitivity: Deviation 25KHz, when connected 7dBuV, S/N>78dB Max Deviation:±48KHz Frequency response: 50Hz~15KHz±3dB Transmitter output power: 100mW AF input: XLR, 6.3mmφjack Earphone output: 6.3mmφstereophonic socket Current consumption: DC 12V/250mA Antenna socket: BNC socket
EW 300 IEM G3 Wireless In-ear Monitoring System Includes:
  • 1 SR 300 G3 stereo transmitter
  • 1 EK 300 G3 stereo diversity receiver
  • 1 IE 4 earphones
  • 1 GA 3 rack mount
  • 1 NT 2 power supply unit
  • 1 antenna
  • 2 AA-size batteries
  • Operating instructions
Hear yourself clearly onstage with the EW 300 IEM G3 wireless in-ear monitoring system!

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