Enping Elegant Audio Equipment Factory
- Focus on the production and wholesale of high-end microphones, allowing music lovers all over the world to purchase the perfect high-precision high-end microphones with limited funds, allowing you to enjoy the most authentic vocal music to bring you shock and extreme experience!
The company was founded in October 1997, located in China's microphone production base - Enping City, has been more than 20 years of precipitation and accumulation in the high-end microphone field.
Mr. Tan, founder of the company, has over 20 years of rich management experience in high-end microphone manufacturing...
Mr. Tan loves to research audio technology and constantly innovates. He is committed to making ELEGANT AUDIO the first high-end microphone brand in China. With excellent quality and unbeatable price/performance ratio, you can realize the business mode of easy and profitable life.
The high-end microphones and professional digital mixers produced by our company mainly supply terminal sales customers and network sales customers who operate high-end audio products. The company's product repair rate and failure rate is far less than one thousandth, allowing you to avoid quality complaints from the root, no return troubles and after-sales service trouble!
solemn commitment:
1、The company only produces high-end high-precision microphones, quality first, cost-effective
2. The company only uses the best quality accessories, especially the microphone core components, all using the first line of the brand
3, the company's high-end microphone outstanding rate of 99.99%, qualified rate: 999.99%